June 12, 2024

We launched a ISPO2025 website.

 The International Symposium will explore a wide range of topics, including ubiquitination, the proteasome, autophagy, and chemical tools in the regulation of protein and organelle lifetimes. These discussions will span basic science and their implications for disease.
 Our goal is to assemble a diverse group of approximately 300 scientists featuring outstanding international speakers and emerging young talents in the field to share their latest research findings and foster collaborative partnerships.
 The conference will be held in Nara, a city renowned for its rich history and natural beauty. Once the capital of Japan around the year 700, Nara is conveniently located just one hour from Kyoto and Osaka. The timing of the conference coincides with the stunning fall foliage, providing a unique and inspiring setting for scientific exchange.

Shigeo Murata

Professor, The University of Tokyo

Daisuke Morito

Associate Professor, Showa University School of Medicine

Fumiaki Ohtake

Associate Professor, Hoshi University

Hideki Taguchi

Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Kazuhiro Iwai

Professor, Kyoto University

Kazuhiro Nagata

Director General, JT Biohistory Research Hall

Keiji Tanaka

Board Chair, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science

Koji Yamano

Associate Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Koshi Imami

Professor, Niigata University

Masato Kanemaki

Professor, National Institute of Genetics

Noboru Mizushima

Professor, The Unversity of Tokyo

Satoshi Yamanaka

Assistant Professor, Ehime University

Shujiro Okuda

Professor, Niigata University

Taeko Kobayashi

Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo

Toshifumi Inada

Professor, The University of Tokyo

Yasushi Ishihama

Professor, Kyoto University

Yasushi Saeki

Professor, The University of Tokyo

Yosuke Demizu

Head, National Institute of Health Science

Yuko Fujioka

Associate Professor, Hokkaido University